Building LINSTOR Container images from source with Docker

Step-by-step instructions for building LINSTOR Container images from source on CentOS 7

Building LINSTOR® containers requires Docker features that don't exist in the CentOS 7 packaged Docker. Install docker-ce from Docker's repositories instead.

yum-config-manager --add-repo
yum install docker-ce -y
systemctl enable docker.service --now

Then, clone the linstor-server source code and build the images.

git clone --recursive
cd linstor-server

# Patch MR:
sed -i 's/www\.linbit\.com/pkg\.linbit\.com/g' Dockerfile.*

# Build containers
docker build -t linstor-controller -f Dockerfile.controller .
docker build -t linstor-satellite -f Dockerfile.satellite .

You can then push the built images to a registry using Docker.

MDK – 06/24/21