DRBD GI (Generation Identifiers)

For internal LINBIT use only

I think DRBD®’s generation identifiers are under-documented to protect people from doing bad things to their data. We should know this stuff though. For reference, DRBD will tell you what each value is for when issuing `drbdadm show-gi <res>`:

You can then use set-gi to manually edit the DRBD GIs, which is very advanced and you’ll probably break something if you have a customer try this, but it’s used like this:

# drbdadm -- ::::::::::::::1 --force set-gi <res>/<minor>

That example tells DRBD to update the 15th value, leaving the rest as is, which in this case tells DRBD, “Node was in the progress of marking all blocks as out of sync”,


Reviewed 2020/12/14 – DGT