DRBD Proxy's buffer warning messages

This article will help you identify whether your DRBD Proxy Buffer is large enough for your replication workload.

If you see messages like this:

No memory found for <connection-string>: <bytes> of <bytes> used, needed <bytes> bytes

Note: The above message is shown by versions prior to 3.2.8 (Sep 2019) while the following message is shown by newer builds of proxy.

Temporary memory shortage on <host>: <bytes> of <bytes> used, needed <bytes> bytes

This means DRBD® Proxy’s buffers have become full. You can increase the amount of memory allocated to DRBD Proxy by increasing the, "memlimit", setting in the DRBD configuration. If this value is already relatively large, you likely need a faster replication network between nodes to keep up with the IO workloads on the DRBD device.

proxy { 
memlimit <megabytes>M;


Reviewed 2020/12/01 – DGT