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Disable Userland Helper Scripts (before-resync-target)

In a purely LINSTOR, or containerized environment (k8s), the userland helper scripts should be disabled by default, but if you're loading the kmods outside of the module loading containers. You will need to disable them.

You will almost always want to load the kernel modules via the kernel-module-loader containers. However, there may occasionally be some requirement to load the kernel module either from source or via our RPMs. If doing so, you will want to disable the default helper scripts (before-resync-target and after-resync-target). You can do this several ways.

Firstly, you can do this temporarily for testing by switching something with the /sys filesystem, or setting the option when you load the module.

# echo disabled > /sys/module/drbd/parameters/usermode_helper
# modprobe drbd usermode_helper=disabled

To make this change be permanent and persist through reboots you will need to create a /etc/modprobe.d/drbd.conf file. Create the file like the example below:

# in k8s environment we don't want before-resync-helper scripts

options drbd usermode_helper=disabled

⚠️ WARN: Creating the modeprobe.d file will not alone automatically load the drbd module a boot. You still need to add drbd to /etc/modules.


Reviewed 2020/12/02 - DGT