Replace a failed drive in LINSTOR

Replacing a failed drive in LINSTOR is a simple task that requires few steps from the administrator in most cases.

If a storage device that is part of your LINSTOR® cluster fails you will need to take replace the drive with one that is configured with the same LVM volume group name that you provided to LINSTOR when you added it as a LINSTOR storage-pool with 'linstor storage-pool create'. When LINSTOR takes notice of the newly added drive it will add it back to the appropriate storage-pool without requiring your input.

The steps are as follows.

  • Identify and replace the failed drive taking note of its LVM configuration
  • Recreate the LVM configuration using the appropriate 'pvcreate' and 'vgcreate' commands
  • Trigger LINSTOR to scan the new drive by restarting the appropriate satellite or reconnecting the satellite using 'linstor node reconnect' command. 
  • Grab a beverage and wait for replication to complete

At this point LINSTOR will have done its job and recreated the logical volume and taken the required steps to restore your cluster to normal operation.

Reviewed by DJV 04-15-22