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How to Increase Log Levels in LINSTOR for K8S

Sometimes it's useful to increase the log levels of the LINSTOR Controller, SatelliteSet, or CSI driver beyond the default "INFO" level. This article quickly shows you how to do that.

LINSTOR® Operator version 1.7.1 added options that allow you to control the log level of the LINSTOR Controller, LINSTOR SatelliteSet, and LINSTOR CSI Driver. Versions of the LINSTOR Operator prior to 1.7.1 do not support changing these log levels.

You can set these values during or after deployment. Depending on the log level's verbosity it might consume storage quickly, so the default "info" level is recommended unless you're troubleshooting something in particular.

Supported levels for logging are as followed in order from least to most verbose:

  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • debug
  • trace

To change the log level after LINSTOR has been deployed, the following command adjusting the level as needed for each component:

helm upgrade <release-name> linstor/linstor --reuse-values \
--set operator.controller.logLevel=trace \
--set operator.satelliteSet.logLevel=trace \
    --set csi.logLevel=trace

You may use the same command to return the log levels to their default level (info) once you're finished troubleshooting:

helm upgrade <release-name> linstor/linstor --reuse-values \
   --set operator.controller.logLevel=info \
   --set operator.satelliteSet.logLevel=info \
   --set csi.logLevel=info

You should see your pods restart. Afterwards you can verify the level by reviewing the pod's logs, respectively.

Edited 2022/03/01 – MDK