Pinning DRBD Proxy to Specific CPU Core(s)

This article will explain how you can pin DRBD Proxy to a single CPU Core. This might be used with a DRBD CPU-mask for more efficient DRBD -> DRBD Proxy replication.

Pinning Proxy to a single CPU Core can help speed things along by keeping all the DRBD® Proxy memory uniformally accessible.

Create a file, /etc/default/drbdproxy, with the following setting:


or, even better, to instead use a CPU mask value:


The magic is in the init script, so you can copy the init script from DRBD Proxy 3.2.3 or better to an older proxy to get it to read /etc/default/drbdproxy.

Please consult taskset(1) and/or lstopo(1) for more details. 
The quick version, use the following to output the numa topology in “taskset” format (since that’s what Proxy wants), and select the CPUset you’d like to use:

    # lstopo-no-graphics -c --taskset


Reviewed 2020/12/01 – DGT