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A Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet for LINSTOR Integrations with Kubernetes

A graphical cheat sheet that you can use when troubleshooting Kubernetes, LINSTOR, and node-level storage components

This graphical cheat sheet was created by Andrei Kvapil for use with the Deckhouse platform but is generally applicable to LINSTOR and Kubernetes integrations.

The commands in the following cheat sheet are "go-to" commands, that can be used mostly for information and status gathering about aspects of your setup. However, there are some listed commands, for the LINSTOR and node (LINSTOR satellite) levels, where caution should be exercised and consideration of possible consequences considered, before you run certain commands, for example, `linstor resource delete` or `drbdadm down`.



Created 2023/01/25 - MAT

Reviewed 2023/01/25 - MDK